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Updated on Feb 18, 2017

diet chart for my one year baby

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| Mar 27, 2017

hi. mng prefer steamed food like idly ,idiyappam,appam. along with dhal gravy and every two hours give solid and water food alternatively. for example after break fast two hours back give some juices and after hours lunch and get them to sleep for two hours after that give milk with fruits or biscuits and rusks. and after an hour give some biscuits or snacks ... after two hours give dinner and after two hours must give milk and after half an hour get them to sleep. lunch: equal proportion of rice and dhal(any kind) along with any vegetables boiled them all together and add some ingredients like salt chilli garlic cumin seeds tomatto and all for ur taste. must add one boiled egg on all days. dinner: prefer milk rice or same steamed food. with light side gravy's. snacks time : fruits, biscuits,chocklates,egg ,potato chips and smily potatoes,rare home made noodles.

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| Mar 22, 2017

Give breakfast of daliya, suji oats, cerelac . lunch : rice , pulse, one vegetable boiled and mashed/ fried in less oil and spices. in between breakfast and lunch you can give fruits/ juices. Dinner: give chappati mashed in milk or daal/ khichdi. inbetween breakfast, lunch, dinner you can give milk, fruits. you can mix dry fruit powder in cerelac or milk.

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| Mar 21, 2017

daily routine recipes plz

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| Feb 18, 2017

hii satwinder.. u might hv already started solid foods.. give him fruits like mashed banana, orange.. powder of dry fruits

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