diet during fever

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Aug 05, 2018

my daughter is 3 years 7 months old she's having viral fever doctor has asked me to give more liquids instead of a solid food. so what all we can give in liquids.

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| Aug 14, 2018

Hey, you make broccoli soup. It is super healthy and helps in fast recovery. Quinoa khichdi is a another super healthy option. Make it semi solid form with pulses like moong dal. it is light and easy to digest. Coconut water, juices, clear vegetable soups are good too. Also, fever is accused by viruses. It is very important to maintain good hygiene during monsoon in order to prevent viral infections. Use Dettol disinfectant to main hygiene in the house.

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| Aug 06, 2018


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| Aug 05, 2018

hi rashu Mittal ! u can try giving vegetable soups, light dals ,khichri, Dalia, etc.. here is a blog with handy tips on diet during fever .please go through the link given below.

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