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Updated on Aug 13, 2016

my son now 8+ .... & weight 20 kg !!! we have to fource to feed. would suggest ...

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| Aug 15, 2016

hi Sanjay! I understand your concerns. the average weight at 8 years is around 26kg. he is definitely underweight. but force feeding would make him further averse to food and u both would dread meal times. u need to do something so that u both r happy and meal time is fun. Sanjay try finding out what he likes say pizza , pastas and burgers are his favorite.. why not do something keeping his choice in mind .u can use the core ingredient of his choice and fill it with nutritious filling . for ex :make pizza base with a twist of whole wheat atta and suji and add finely chopped veggies to it on home made tomato sauce and sprinkle cheese on top to hide those and heat it so that it melts. or u could add lots of veggies to his favorite shape pasta. or even adding veggies to upma or poha. try making panneer filling in crispy dosas. or tofu to pulao alongwith soybean chunks and corn kernels and peas ,beans etc. serve him food with entire family preferably on dining table. be a role model and finish whatever u r serving him. praise him for trying.. make your tone polite and involve him in preparation from buying veggies to chopping to cooking. praise him in front of entire family. this way meal time would be fun time and no longer power struggle. hope this helps!

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