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Diet post c section

Neha Taneja

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Oct 15, 2015

Hi, i need some tips / suggestions on what to eat post c section delivery.

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Purnima Manoj

| Oct 18, 2015

I also had my baby through CSec, doc advised me to have more of milk n its products plus a good protein diet. Although during exclusive breastfeeding and post preg when you are resting and not doing any work, you tend to face acidity so better to avoid gaseous food items. Drink lots of water and liquids, but mild warm water is good for uterus healing and avoiding tummy fat. My gynae also advised me iron and calc supple for 6 months. Proper rest and relaxation for atleast 3months will be good for the entire life.

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deepanjali singh

| Oct 15, 2015

Hello.. I have gone through c sec just 5 months before.... my doc suggested me to eat everything in moderate amount... but she told not to eat oily things even desi ghee... so I have been eating everything since then.... I just keep a check that I should not eat too heavy things like chola, besan etc... although I eat this also but less so that my baby should not have any problem since I breastfeed..

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