Difficult in seeking attention and not started talking

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Updated on Jul 09, 2014

My Son is 1. 10 Years old. I have couple of concerns that i want to discuss here. 1) Unable to seek his attention. 2) Hasn't started talking while others of his age has already started. Seeking attention Whenever we try to teach him something like objects, colors, relatives etc. , he decently ignores continues on what he is already doing. I try to make him look at me and teach, he ignores again. I feel this as the greatest concern for me in teaching things. Here i should also tell that he is more interested in watching television. As me and wife are working, my son has been taken care by my inlaws. Unknowingly, habit of watching TV had developed which he concentrates more. Hasn't Started talking My Brother in law's daughter who is 2 months younger listens to what we say and she repeats it. i have even more instances with other kids. I understand that each child has their own capabilities and we should not pressure them. My worry is that we have to make him admit to his pre-school where the school will expect him to answer questions(CAN'T HELP) But i just want to know what are things that AS A PARENTS WE HAVE TO DO in SEEKING ATTENTION, LISTEN, TALK ETC. , Can anybody guide me/ advice here?

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| Jul 14, 2014

Thanks much for your inputs Nitin. I would like to mention that my son sometimes responds to our questions in his own language(kiddish, chinese etc. ,).

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| Jul 09, 2014

Hi Senthil! I understand your concern. I would like to know in more detail though.... but some of the startign pointers i would suggest are: (a) mark out an exclusive "you and your child time" everyday, and pick an activity to do with your child.... start with the ones which your child enjoys may be, and slowly you could introduce newer activities. Repeating what you say is not necessarily a great outcome, but understanding and listening perhaps could be really rewarding at an early age.... especially if it is of interest to your child's senses. (b) Also, look at making the surrounding more interesting for your child's wonder, imagination and curiosity. (c) Try with story telling or bed time story.... it would take some time in the beginning, but slowly, u shall see the shift. Hope this helps. :)

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