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Updated on Jul 22, 2018

Hello mommies.. My soon to be turning 3 months lo has started to avoid latching at times while I bf him. Then starts crying excessively. Doesn't latch till I pacify him. Also at times he doesn't take my breast while side lying, just turns his head away. Again I have to pacify him and sit and make him feed. sitting for whole day and feeding him leaves me exhausted. Is this just a phase? Or he is learning to throw tantrums

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| Jul 22, 2018

hi S Sinha !is he on bottlefeed too?? if yes, he might do it due to nipple confusion. if he is just on breastfeed, please ensure that u maintain a gap of 2 to 2 and a half hrs between feeds. also please ensure he has burped after every feed by raising his head up by supporting from yr shoulders. , if baby hasnt burped please burp him howsoever long it takes.. here is a blog u would find useful!

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| Jul 23, 2018

yes mam abi apka baby bahut chota h usko turn krna ni ata to baith k hi pilana padega. i know prob hogi body pain krgi but b patient. maine b 6 mths tk baith k hi pilaya h. ab jb vo turn kr leta h to easily let k pi leta h

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