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Difficulty in pronouncing certain sounds

Manisha Mehta L

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Jan 19, 2016

My daughter is 5 yrs nd she has difficulty wid certain alphabets lyk k gh ; r ; d; .....plsssss suggest sm remedy or method to rectify her speech

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manisha mehta l

| Jan 25, 2016

Thnx a lot neelam nd carol fr ur valued suggestions ...wud try to follow d same ...

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Neelam Dug gal

| Jan 21, 2016

Hi manisha .. My three n half old daughter had d same problem .. Mispronunciation of k , kh , r n few more alphabets .. I took her to speech therapy at Ganga ram , delhi ! It was a great help !! Dey prepared a list n dose experts made her speak properly .. Now all I have to do is whenever is she z speaking wrong , I have to make a gesture with my hand n She corrects n repeat ! Indeed it's a step ahead

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| Jan 20, 2016

Hi Manisha, show your child how to roll the tongue and make a sound. Some sounds are made from throat (k, g, ch,q) and some from lips (p, m, w, v and so on) and some from the tip of the tongue (s, t, d, r, n and so on). While making the letter sound, one can identify whether it's a voiced sound or whispered sound by touching the throat (through vibrations). I. e those Sounds that cause vibration or buzz in the throat are voiced. Make your child feel it when you make the sound. Show the difference. In your child's case she has problem with voiced sounds. Read a lot of books. Make her read or say more words that have these consonants sounds. For e. g you can make her repeat these words - vrooooom, cuckoo or make a sound like a vehicle drrrrrrrrrrrrr.. Keep practicing. Most kids outgrow this problem by 6. If you don't find any improvement, check with her paediatrician to find if she needs any additional professional help. Hope this helps..

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manisha mehta l

| Jan 19, 2016

Thnx fr ur suggestion... bt lkng fr my answers here related to another problem

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Purvi Jha

| Jan 19, 2016

:) Please rectify your spellings before teaching your child ... Maybe she needs to learn the right spellings :)

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