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Apr 17, 2013

Hi everyone my son 3years 4 months old is having frequent stomach problems like once in every month he is either vomitting or having loose motions, he is off milk since the last one month but still he had a bout of vomitting episode last week and is on lanzol junior tabs, he is also taking syrup Allegra from March for his ear infections and allergies can anyone advice.

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| Apr 17, 2013

Dear Joya, just heard that these days there is a gastric bug in the air and many children have fallen sick, including kids in my immediate family. At the same time, seems like your child has been having this problem for some time now. As Dyuti has mentioned, it will be great if you can seek your pediatrician's advise, perhaps try a second opinion this time. Also, the drinking water in your house, is the filtration in place? The water at school. you could check if something is happening there.. once the immediate symptoms settle down, you could explore homeopathic medicine to boost his immunity and general health. take care

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| Apr 17, 2013

Hi Joya. Since when has your son been having stomach problems? If it is a recurring problem,then you may need to speak to his doctor. He could be suffering from a type of stomach flu as most virus causing gastroenteritis or diarrhea are usually most active from October to April. Your son could have contracted something from his peers at school. His stomach problems could also be due to intolerance/ reactions to his medicines. I suggest you double check with his doctor since he also suffers from frequent ear infections. In the meantime, you could give him very light, non spicy food and some yogurt regularly. Yogurt is known to aid digestion as it contains lactobacillus (the good bacteria). Hope your LO feels better soon. Keep us updated on his health. Take care.

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