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Updated on Mar 03, 2014

Dear All   I have two queries to be discussed. My son is 14 months old and very exploring. He wants to touch, smell and throw everything what ever he likes. Be in kitchen or in room.. every thing is his toy. Now the problem starts when we as a family say "No" to everything. Sometimes "which is very less" politely and sometime aggressively. I feel that our behavior would make him a sadistic and negative. sometimes he really feel so bad that he starts sobbing... :(   Second query whenever he wants anything and we refuse he start crying a lot and cry till the time he get that.   Pls suggest how could i handle these situations and the correct way to handle  

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| Mar 04, 2014

Dear Anju, a direct No will upset any child. Instead distract your baby with something else. To take away something from him, distract him by giving another toy or show him something to take his attention away from that particular object. Since children at this age have a memory span of only a few seconds, it is likely that he will forget about the first object or activity as soon as he is distracted. This should be effective in dealing with the No issue. Secondly, please do not give into all his demands. If he cries, let him cry away for a while, it will not hurt him. It will only send across a message to him that you are in control and will not budge from your decision. If you stay put this way, he will soon get over crying for things he wants. Please do also have a read of the blog as suggested by the administrator as it deals with this very issue. Good luck :)

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| Mar 03, 2014

Hi Anju! Here is a link to a similar parent talk and a parenting blog that you may find relevant:

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