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Mahendra Thakur
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Updated on Nov 26, 2015

Parents, I got to know about this incredible scientific tool that helps to identify the true potential of our child. It helps to understand what are the strength areas for our kid and which are areas to improve. How is our child in terms of IQ, EQ, CQ and AQ. It also provide the details of which are the good career options our kid can choose so that we can guide and nurture them accordingly. I think this is one of the great thing as I really don't want my kid to go through same dilemma and confusion as we have gone through in our career and life. Let me know if you are interested then I can share more details. Thank you.

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anita varun

| Jul 11, 2016

plz share

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| Dec 09, 2015

Please share at the earliest

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| Dec 03, 2015

please share

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renu joshi

| Nov 27, 2015

Pls do share

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