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Updated on May 16, 2016

my child is 5 yrs old and wen ever we tell him sumthing he will say he will not do but repeats the same. He is brilliant but if he starts asking sumthin he doesnt stop still he gets the same.

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| May 16, 2016

Hi Sabidha Shabbir! How r u! A child knows what works with parents. If he knows parents r occupied and would fulfill his demand to get rid of him. So he would continue repeating as that would irritate parents and finally fulfill his demand. It's advisable to make your child know in firm yet polite tone that till the time he stops repeating , u would not listen. Once he stops that u can make him sit, make an eye contact , hold his hands in your hands gently and let him know why u can't do what he wants. Explain the reason and give options. For instance if the child wants to have an ice-cream and u don't want him to have it for x,y or z reasons. Say it's finished .You could say"baby , it's finished. we r going to go to market in the evening and buy your favorite flavour. Meanwhile u can have this------(give options). If he doesn't agree make him have a look at the refrigerator and see there is no ice-cream. Then in the evening let him buy one so that he knows what's promised is actually fulfilled. Let the child have the trust on u , so that he stops nagging u. But false promises or scoldings or even spankings will make him loose on that trust element. The more u would be polite in your tone( which is difficult I understand), the earlier your point would be taken well. Hope this works!

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