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7 to 11 years

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Updated on Dec 05, 2017

my son never studies with interest .He is so careless that he repeats the mistakes again and again. i make him do the learning and he learns efficiently but when it comes to writing he starts crying and wailing. Tell me please how should i tackle him

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| Dec 05, 2017

hi Meghna Gill ! is he making mistakes while writing.. if yes please share what type of mistakes he makes. also does he face trouble in reading too or any particular subject in which he is facing such problem?

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| Dec 06, 2017

Hi Meghna, The reason for repeating the same mistakes again and again may be due to the fact that it doesn't sink in for him that it's a mistake. Instead of pointing out the mistake, try telling him to find the mistake. When he reviews his work and convinces himself that it's is a mistake, he will not repeat them. For example if he makes mistakes in 2 of the math problems in a page, tell him " great effort. But this page has 2 wrong answers. Can you review all the problems and figure out where the mistake is". If he can't find out the mistake, take one step further and point out which problem is wrong. But do not give the answer. Ask him to find why the answer is wrong. If he struggles, then ask the right questions to make him think and lead him towards the answer. But don't give direct answer. Give one comment at a time. For example in language, you could say " you have mixed up the tense in few places. Can you correct this paragraph". Once he finishes, you could ask him to check the punctuations and so on. So let him figure out what mistake and where he made it. This will bring in the habit of reviewing his work. The way the feedback is given to the child will also affect his attitude towards his work. First start with positive comments where he faired well, What you liked in his work. Then give the negative comments in such a way that it boosts his confidence. "Wow. You have done all the problems correct except 2 of them. Great attempt. Can you now try to find them and correct them as well?" For writing work, split them into smaller parts and ask him to complete each part at different time instead of doing them at one stretch. Hope this helps.

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