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Created by Ayushi
Updated on May 06, 2014

Hi all, My son doesn’t want to eat any fruit except mango. Please suggest how do i make him eat fruits. Any interesting ideas? Thanks in advance.

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| May 15, 2014

Hi Ayushi, I can empathize with you! A common problem in most houses (including me!). Till I hit upon a very interesting DVD from www. curlyorange. com (On Etiquettes). They customize the DVD so that the child becomes the Star of the animated stories teaching various morals (including one on picky eating habits). After being glued to the DVD for a couple of days, now my son remembers it very well and does not crib about food choice in lunch/dinner etc. Worth trying it... a good summer gift as well! Try it out!

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| May 08, 2014

you may also tell your child the importance of friuts and that fruits will make him more healthy, strong. :)

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| May 08, 2014

Dear Ayushi, you may cut fruits in different shapes to make it interesting.

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| May 07, 2014

if your child likes to eat only mango then surely he is a fan of sweetness then u can give him watermelon,grapes etc.. moreover your sweet behavior can help him to change his likes.

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| May 06, 2014

Hi Ayushi! Here is the link to a similar parent talk and a parenting blog that you may find relevant:

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