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Disliking for school and school van

3 to 7 years

Created by Deepti
Updated on Jul 17, 2015

My 4 yr old son going in nursery in a convent school. earlier he likes to go and spending time in school in april. but after summer vacations when school reopen in july he did not show any intrest in going school even he started crying and requestin to not send him school. he said he did not like school. and in van all kids of k. g. class bullying him he has no friends in school van as well school. i am confused am i wrong somewhere in choosing school or i should ignore his activites time will fill the gaps dont know. i asked his teacher for his crying and nt willing to go to school but she said everything is ok but no satisfactory results came out..

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| Jul 20, 2015

And my child's problem is she doesn't want to be in the same bus where her teachers too r travelling (sounds silly)bt they have their own preferences. so have a nice talk with your child u will end up with some point!!!

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| Jul 20, 2015

Hi Deepthi! I too have the same problem. I think you have to talk to your child about this and try to know some of your child's van mates personally and keep in touch wt them like weekend get together wch helps your child feel comfy with them. anyhow it takes time but we should wait...

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| Jul 19, 2015

Hi Deepti! Does the school van have an attendant or it is just kids and the driver? Do you know thenparents of children 2ho come along in the same van? Is your ch8ld friendly wih them? My suggestion is to meet the fellow parents whose children are uing the same van, and talk about this to keep them in the loop. It would be good if you could organize a few playdates with these children who use the van. This way the initial uneasyness may become friendship. Either ways, kudos to you to have taken this up with all seriousness and relevant observations

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