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hello moms.. ,. do u feel ur relationship with or spouse has changed after having a baby? in my case... there s hardly any communication.... I stay with in laws n husband talks to me only abt d baby. he s a very over protective n possessive parent. there s hardly any communication between us. I don't feel d comfort with him which I would feel earlier. with household chores, I hardly get time to play with d baby. there r son many things other moms teach their babies at this age. I have hardly taught him any thing. n in every aspect of upbringing, there is interference from saas. "do this for d baby,... wat does doctor know!... we r more experienced"... there s no support from husband side too. he always takes his parents side.. , at times I feel m just a caretaker of the baby. ,..

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| Sep 02, 2016

Hi New Mother, First of all just relax and concentrate on the good things in your life -- like your baby getting the love of his or her grandparents. Secondly children learn from imitation. So whatever you want to teach your child -- basic manners like saying sorry, thank you and please or to wish elders in the morning and before going to the bed then start doing that yourself. Your child will start doing on his accord. When your Mother-in-law interferes in the upbringing then tell her clearly that times have changed and there is a vast difference in how you used to do things and how the present generation is doing. Believe me it will help because I come from the same background of living in a joint family of in laws and brother in law and his wife and us along with the baby. Also you need to understand that men read husbands feel that their mom has raised them so she must know what she is saying hence they tend to believe her. Talk to your husband about your concerns and tell him how you feel. If you have become a mom he has also become a father and contrary to what they want the world to know they are also scared and worried to provide the best for their offspring. So just relax and let time takes its course everything will fall into the place.

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