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Distraction in class and slow in writing

7 to 11 years

Created by Durga
Updated on Aug 23, 2017

my son aged 8 , not following some subjects and easily distracted and his teacher wrote to us to counsel him, complaining about his slow writing and distraction in the class and suggest me how to counsel him?

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| Aug 25, 2017

Hi Durga, The distraction in class may be due to boredom or his struggle in following the subject. The reason for boredom could be because he already knows the topics or the concepts are not clear. So find out the root cause and counsel based on that and see how you can help. You may request the class teacher to make him sit near her in the front row/table and also separate him from the other child with who he talks or plays or who he distracts.

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| Aug 24, 2017

make him do what he is interested in like drawing,painting or put him in sport of his choice. This way he will learn focus n divert his energy in positive way. For writing problem you have to sit with him inirially to ensure he completes his work neately n with accuracy

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| Aug 23, 2017

Hi Durga I am sending a link, it has some basic handwriting exercises and it's uses are also mentioned, I suggest you practice some with him and see if it helps.

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| Aug 23, 2017

hi Durga! get him evaluated by a child psychologist to rule out any underlying cause. at home allot him ordely space with minimum distractions around for studies, preferably a desk with white board on which he can stick important notes , important dates on post- it and also practice writing . help him set short term goals and give him smaller tasks with timer on, and achievable targets such as finish a page of writing within 20 minutes. gradually decrease time slot to 15 minutes. praise him and reward him on successful completion of tasks.. whenever u need to give instructions to him,make him sit and make an eye contact and give instructions in short sentences. also ask him to explain to u , what he has understood. Durga he needs constant motivation and guidance.. hope this helps!

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