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does anyone know about a good preschool on sohna road-gurgaon. which one would you suggest is the best

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Updated on May 04, 2012

please help me with the right preschool for my 20 months old son.... i'm not only concerned about the right age to send my child to a preschool, but also don't have any idea on which preschool are good in Gurgaon. I would ideally want the preschool to be somewhere in phase-5 as that's where we live. Please suggest from your experience.

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| May 08, 2012

Dear Nitin , choosing the right preschool is one of the tough ones , you need to really know hat you want for your child. There are many schools around your area ; sun city ; heritage; scottish high ; presidium ... but all these schools have a different line of thought. The best would be if you could read about these schools and what format they follow you'd know how to take the call. there are a couple of blogs on the same subject here too , why don't you check those out as well... they might help you get to your decision.

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