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Updated on Feb 06, 2017

Hi mothers, my baby is 1. 6 yrs old. He only drinks milk, but doesn't eat anything his weight also not growing. Wat to do? Is there any medicine tht coupd induce hunger l. Please help. - worried mother

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| Feb 06, 2017

Hi.. I also have faced this issue when my daughter first started to eat. we were worried and what her doc told is to eat with her and give her food from your plate.. we tried that by making our food less spicy with all other masalas and making it soft for her.. she started eating.. so the conclusion is babies don't like bland food which we give them.. so try giving ur child some chapati and aloo sabji, stuffed parathas, khichdi with whatever sabji u prepare for yourself.. if all this doesn't work then u need to keep ur child busy in something like blocks or any other activities of his interest and the time he is engrossed you put the spoon of khichdi in his mouth from back.. he would not have time to realise and will gulp it down.. you need to keep trying with diff food to know what is his taste and accordingly you will know.... hope this helps.

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| Feb 22, 2017

hi, I am facing the same problem. doctor gave me an appetite stimulator, which also helps in clearing her stomach. she has started eating now, though not much, but still it's a start. and also I realized she loves watching ads, so I put on channels which are showing commercials then, and I put food in her mouth. she doesn't realize that she has already eaten. so you can also try engaging your baby in some activities, so that he will forget that he is eating.

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