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Updated on Aug 21, 2012

When my daughter started her first standard classes and the teaching methodology included having to wrtie down from the board, my daughter would daily return from school not having written a word from the board. We tried to explain to her why that is not right, scolded her for not writing, blamed her for being lazy. Then on a whim I took her to the ophthalmologist. Turns out my child has astigmatism and required glasses. She was simply unable to see the writing on the board. It is best to get your childs eye checked, not withstanding their age. If any thing is wrong, eye sight is probably going to get worse with time, and better if attended to asap.

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| Oct 17, 2012

Its great that you worked on your whim Payal. I had to wear glasses from the age of 5. I could not see the lines on the page and used to be punished by the teacher for writing all over the page. I could not explain the situation to my mother. She met with the teacher, saw my notebooks and took me for an eye check up with a hunch that my sight may be the issue. Well, I ended up wearing big fat glasses up to the age of 13-14 yrs. So yes, if left ignored or untreated, eyesight will get worse. Thank you for sharing your experience :)

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| Sep 05, 2012

Bhavna, thanks for sharing, now I wonder why I get headaches so often :)... I think there is a lot more awareness of these things now... so doctors are also prepared.

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| Aug 22, 2012

I am a classic example of this getting missed out , i have always had the problem of headaches and i remember my mom taking me to a doctor for the same ( this was 27 years ago ) and he actually gave me medicines for deworming , over the years i did get my eye sight checked but since the no. was too much all the doctors said that it is not possible , i am making up stories or the machine calibration is wrong... last year when i could not deal with the headaches anymore i went to the doc again, she got the test result from the machine (+1. 75 for both eyes) and threw the paper int he bin saying " there looks like something is wrong with the machine" i was not convinced and went to a hospital ... they dilated my eyes and found out the i did have a +1. 75 # in both eyes and i might just have been born with the defect ... As a result muscle ( which helps to focus) in both my eyes have degenerated and is no more and it will take me a year or two now to develop these muscles with some heavy duty / expensive eye exercises.... so here i am still struggling with my eye sight issues... Payal , it is great that you took such positive action and were there for your daughter when she needed you... and you got a good doctor ( if i may add)...

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