Doesn't listen

3 to 7 years

Created by ThokchomBLanleima
Updated on Jul 20, 2017

After being said for 5-10 minutes only he started doing so

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| Jul 20, 2017

Let me start doing it just like u advice me . u r right n well said for I haven't given any eye contact wheneverI cal n say something . yes it was all repeated reminders of routine works n good habits n manners etc. Maybe that was the reason. ThankQ.

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| Jul 20, 2017

hi Thokchom ! consider this , u r busy doing something and is fully into it ,u want to finish it and then only move on to the next chore, definitely u would seem to be defiant to others if someone calls u to help and u choose to ignore , until u have finished work at hand. similar is the case with children, they don't want to be remote controlled, that with the press of a button they respond. they are human beings with a mind of their own.. they too get engrossed in activities . for instance if he is watching a cartoon , or at times he could be busy playing and don't want to leave the game in between .it's advisable whenever u call your son, make sure he is not in the middle of something. if he is, allow him to finish it , wind it up and then come to u. praise him when he is there. don't give repeated reminders. in the beginning itself, go to the child, sit at his eye level,,ask him what he is doing, how much more time he needs and then tell him say after 15 minutes once this is finished, please come to the study table and I have assigned u some work, please finish it. just one reminder in between should be enough. hope this helps!

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