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Doesn't wants to eat anything

Fatima Haider
3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 03, 2015

My 4 year old doesn't likes to eat. She also brings her tiffin back. I don't understand what to do so that she starts eating. She just wants to eat from outside.

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Aroona Kadam

| Sep 06, 2015

Agree with Nikita... Fatima give your daughter three options everyday n ask her to choose one.. make that recipe at home ..make colorful idlis, dosas or Frankie's.. kids at this age loves different colored , different shapes get cookie cutters n cut roti + veg in different shapes... Make a family rule to eat everything by everyone.. ask her to seat with u while having dinners..

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| Sep 03, 2015

Fatima Haider, why don't you try and give what she likes to eat in her tiffin. If she likes to eat noodles, make noodles at home using wholewheat noodles, fresh veggies etc. , or make roti-noodles wherein you cut strips of roti like noodles and toss these strips with veggies. Send what she likes, in small quantities, and add lots of variety; package interestingly for eg: cut a sandwich into a butterfly shape and send it; or make fresh cake at home using atta and not maida, make cupcakes and send that. Ask her what she would want to take in her tiffin and give her that.

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