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Don't drink milk

1 to 3 years

Created by Dheeraj
Updated on Apr 04, 2015

My son is 1. 5 year old but did not drink milk at all. However, he is able to eat all other types of food which we eat.   He also never accepted bottle feeding .   Please suggest if there is any way by which we can help him to drink milk without force.   Regards, Dheeraj Vaish

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| Apr 08, 2015

Dear Dheeraj, I have the same problem with my son. He is now 3 and still doesnt like milk. I have to trick him to drink a glass on occasions. I had posted a query regarding this at the nutrition corner here at the site. The response I got from the expert was of tremendous help to me. To ensure that your child gets the required amount of calcium, try giving him other milk products like butter, ghee, milkshakes and the like. You may also give him one egg a day, which has more calcium than a glass of milk along with other essential nutrients. So an egg on some days can make up for a missed glass of milk. Try adding a chocolate drink to his milk to make it tastier. Dont force him to drink milk, offer him lassi or milkshakes on occasions and give him an egg a day :)

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| Apr 07, 2015

You can soak ...Sesame in the night... as he is too young make a paste and add in his meal... this is rich of calcium (it is very hot thus in summer do soak before giving) , can soak raisins as well.

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| Apr 07, 2015

Hi Dheeraj, this sometimes happen when children are so used to breast milk that they refuse to accept other sort of milk. Offer small quantities with a spoon and katori, let him start enjoying the milk first and then increase volume. give it to him while telling him a story etc.

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| Apr 06, 2015

Hi Dheeraj, give him milk in other forms such as milkshakes, in kheer or custard. if giving him milk to drink, try and make it interesting by offering it with a straw, in a sippy cup. start with small qauntities and once he finishes, praise him for it. then gradually increase the quantity. hope this helps.

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