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3 to 7 years

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Updated on Feb 15, 2017

my daughter likes to eat curd Everytime but she drink milk hardly and that too with Chocos but very less. she also don't like veggies. How do I make her interested in eating veggies and get rid of excessive chocolate and other stuff like chips etc.

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| Feb 15, 2017

hi Raghuvir Singh! as long as Kunjal is taking milk in any form be it curd or paneer or yogurt , it is OK. avoid forcing her to have milk , as she might develop a dislike for it. also make sure when u offer her milk, u have a glass for yourself too and enjoy having it. children love to imitate and someday she might develop a liking for it. as far as veggies are concerned, let her do some homework on veggies and talk to her in detail about how that veggie is grown to the final stage cooking and finally served on our plates. discuss the nutritive value , advantage of having it. she can make a scrap book and paste pics and also view images on Google. let her go to the market, recognise it and buy it and help u in chopping to cooking stage. when served give it a nice name for instance " kunjal's mind blowing Gobi masala" . tatse it and let everyone praise it. begin with a spoon or two and count it as success . try one veggie every week and show her scrap book and let her share her knowledge with everyone. this would keep her interested and motivated to carry on. also make sure home junk food and chocolate free. avoid storing such items in your refrigerator and allow her to have it once in a week as a reward for her good behavior. she would love it as she has earned it. hope this helps!!

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