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Don't listen to me

7 to 11 years

Created by Rimjhim Roy
Updated on Mar 22, 2018

My 7yrs old daughter does not listen to me if I politely talk to her. I talk to her politely 2-3 times. Although she does not listen. Then If I shouted to her or scolded her then she listens. What should I do ?

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| Mar 31, 2018

Take much more time as the child is still small, doesn't matter, child will definitely start listening to you. make the child sit with u tell her good stories or read story books, talk to her and have discussions vth very gently she willl definitely start listening to you

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| Mar 22, 2018

Dear Shikha Batra mam ... She could not busy in her play. I told her politely by sitting in front of her. She only wants to avoid my talks. When she want to do something she knows that mamma does not say yes then she make thing behind me. If I say her " baby please drink the lemon water. " She could not show me that she does not want to drink that. She only pour the water in the wash basin behind me. How can I control her?

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| Mar 22, 2018

hi Rimjhim Roy ! may be because she could be busy in her play and didn't even listen to u . u could politely go to her , take her name and tell her I want to talk to u for 5 minutes.. let me know when u would wind up.. give her 5 minutes to wind up.. make her sit , make an eye contact and then politely say yr point.. she doenst intend to hurt u, probably she was too occupied and missed u say something to her..

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