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don't mix up with other kids in school

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Feb 03, 2017

my son is 3 year old and in pre nursery .it's more than 3month in school. but today when I talked to his classteacher she said that he doesn't mixup with other kids and doesnt participate in any activity. when she asked him to take part in rhymes or in dance he just smiled and not do any action. he lives alone in class not with other kids. please suggest me how can I change his behaviour or teach him to become socialize mix up with other kids?is it serious problem or its normal?

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| Feb 03, 2017

hii Marium ... it happens with the kid living in nuclear family .. try to take him out as much as possible .. take him to the parks .. to relative's house or ur friends house, neighbors house .. their he culd play with ur frens child .. teach him to greet ... talk to his teacher n ask them to help .. as the teachers might hv just asked him to participate once or twice n whn the child refused they might hv left him alone .. this shouldnot be done .

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