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don't want to eat solid food

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Oct 07, 2016

my daughter is 3. 5 yrs she only drinks milk through bottle with pediasure when I bring roti or rice she doesn't eat now I m giving milk 2 time only one in mrng wen she goes to school n 2 in night while sleeping plz gv suggestions how cn I let my child eat food

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| Oct 09, 2016

hi Pooja Aggarwal! if she doesn't go your way, u need to modify yourself according to her. give her what she wants in your style. In a way serve her in the plate of her choice, design she would like , presentation she would love, ambience of her preference but the core ingredients would be of your choice. for instance give her pasta laden with cheese and veggies so finely chopped she would not be able to make out. pizzas made with suji and all purpose flour and veggies of your choice. serve her on a plate of her favorite character. give her dosa or parantha or even sandwiches with healthy tasty fillings presented in different shapes like star, heart , square etc. u could make smileys or different characters on these with tomato sauce or green chutney smile , olive eyes, carrot nose . make her sit in the balcony watching birds, tress etc,. narrate stories or enact like the characters . I am sure when the overall ambience would become good and of her choice , meal time would no longer be a power struggle and u both won't dread it and would rather wait for it. make it pleasurable and fun time with lots of good moments to be cherished forever. hope this helps!

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| Oct 13, 2016

stop pediasure 1st.. it wont digest that easily n kids cant eat anything...

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