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During seasonal changes how to take care of baby

Geeta Dubey
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Updated on Nov 09, 2015

My baby is 11months old. he is not eating properly from two days. He did vomiting yesterday once and today once .may I knw wt to do.

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| Nov 09, 2015

His tummy is upset. Its fyn. Did he pass his stool today. Give medicine for upset tummy n before u feed him next meal give vomit medicine prescribed by your pediatrician 15-20 mins before meal n don't overload him gv as much he wanna eat. Cook liquid khichadi.. Give him whatever he wants to eat. Don't force. N may b after giving medicine also he may vomit once or twice bt he vl be normal just check his stool. N if the problem persists please meet your doc. He will be fine.

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