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Updated on Dec 26, 2018

I found that in early yrs my 8yrs old daughter has mild dyslexia. How can I teach her ...? How can I explain her... ? Plz give me some suggestions

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| Dec 27, 2018

hi rimjhim! first thing first, continue to be very patient with your child especially while you are trying to help her learn. while taking her through a new word, read it loud and then read it word by word and then ask your child to try too. an approach which involves multiple senses (voice, visual, touch, experiential) works better than just going fwd thru one way. for e. g. u cud take a vessel and put sand in it and write words with your index fingur- and then ask your child to try as well. remember, that it may take slightly longer to get the concepts through, but if it's comprehensive and involves a multisensory approach, it will start working well. and once your child picks it, you will start seeing some great results. all the best Rimjhim Roy .

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