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Created by Rashmi Suraj
Updated on Feb 02, 2016

Hello fellow Parents I am looking at options of online tuitions for my daughter. As a parent how do you feel about online tuitions. Please let me know your experience and your valuable inputs which will be of much help for me.

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| May 14, 2016

Hi Rashmi, I know a group of IITians who provide online tuitions. They have started recently and are getting good feedback from parents of Gurgaon. Their teachers are IITians and they also provide trial classes. You can call on 8467033796 to know more about how it works. Thanks.

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| Feb 05, 2016

thank u carol for your feedback

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| Feb 05, 2016

Rashmi,I don't have personal experience. But have friends who have tried. The effectiveness depends on each individual child. Some work better with face to face interaction , some do well in group set up. You have to find whether virtual learning would be suitable for your child and also you have to choose between Synchronous and asynchronous classes. The advantage with async classes is that your child can work at her own convenience. But won't be able to get instant feedback or clarifications. If you are looking for IGCSE or IB, I would advice you to check thoroughly. Go thro the materials, the models they use to teach, how they assess etc. Try to have a trial session too. Though there are many tutors available to handle IGCSE and IB they are unable to develop the HOTS is what I heard. Explaining the concepts Without developing HOTS is of no use for these boards. But I know most of them are very pricey too (I. e for CBSE grade 6 , it's around Rs. 550 per hour).

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