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Created by Bijal Vasa Kakka
Updated on Feb 10, 2019

how to clean ear wax

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| Feb 11, 2019

hi Bijal Vasa Kakka ! You can clean the earwax accumulated near the ear opening and on ear lobes by gently wiping with a damp cheesecloth. Also pediatric ear drops are available in the medical store. You can use it as per instruction in the bottle. This will help to soften the hardened wax so that it easily expel on its own. If you want to go in for a natural solution, olive oil is the best option. Warm some oil. Bring it to skin temperature. With a dropper apply it to affected ears. Ask the child to lie down for some time with the affected ear facing upward. Most often when the child sits up, the wax will come out. if u feel u can also take the helo of a practitioner.  

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