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Anandana N

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Nov 18, 2013

How is it easy to get your toddler to eat food right?   How about giving him a table and chair to sit and eat...   Giving him different types of veggies in forms of cutlets or parathas with dahi..   singing to him/her   if they start to throw tantrums and dont want to eat then what....   simple... take the plate away for a while letting them know that this way of behaviour is unacceptable....   These simple tricks do magic.... my boys always eat food and dont waste food at all.    

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Anandana N

| Dec 02, 2013

Well this is tried and tested. If you have patience it will def work. all the best.

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| Dec 02, 2013

currently i am facing the same problem. I hope this phase will end up soon. :)

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Anandana N

| Nov 19, 2013

Yup agreed. Getting angry just makes it difficult for both of us as i have also gone through it. this really works... but be patient. they may actually not eat also one meal probably but by the next meal they will be definatley hungry and then you can give what you please. this may go on for a few days as its a new way of behavior your child is learning.. so be with him/her. take care

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| Nov 18, 2013

Thank you for the tips Anandana. It is always a challenge to get toddlers to finish their meal! Simple suggestion such as these are any day better than getting angry or irritated :)

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