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Updated on May 10, 2017

my 8yrs old son is not eating by his own. if v feed him then he eats properly .so plz suggest me how to make him eat full for his age properly by his own. if he eats by his own he eats 1chapati and if i feed him he eats 2chapati. im worried plz help me

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| May 10, 2017

hi Achala! I completely understand your worry. if a child eats 1 chapati on his own that's perfectly fine as long as he is eating veggies, Dal, curd, and egg/non veg along with it . he takes 2 chapatis when u feed him as probably he doesn't realize that when he is full as he is busy doing something else and his mind is diverted. Acahala children who eat themselves know exactly how much is their appetite and where exactly they should stop. sooner or later he has to learn to eat by himself , y not let him begin from now on. having said that please ensure he is having a balanced nutritious diet. serve him meals with all family members on the dining table. make mealtime happy family time. tkcare!

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