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Updated on Sep 30, 2017

hello. As i am a new memeber here so i want to ask that my son is 3 years old and he has cerebral plasy bt m taking treatment from last 1 year aprox .he does not eat well cause as he dsnt chew solid things so wat should i give him for put up his weight and growth in daily routines..

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| Sep 30, 2017

hi Aastha Atora ! I can comprehend ur concern. u could take the help of a physiotherapist who would help him in learning how to swallow food. also make sure to serve him food in attractive colourful plates with cartoon characters which he can see himself and try and feed himself.. let him explore food by feeling it and trying to hold it. onve he learns to swallow , serve him handy food which he can hold and chew.. u could make him sit upright in a chair and feed him semi solid food . hope this helps!

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