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Updated on Sep 08, 2015

I have one 4 and 1/2 year old son. We both are in service. My mother look after him when we are in office. We all are worried about his eating habits. He like to eat very specific item only and i. e countable around 3 to 4. He like only milk, roti, rise and dal. He don't eat vegetable, fruits, eggs, sweet, even junk food also.

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| Sep 08, 2015

what to do

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| Sep 09, 2015

Hi Avinash! I know what u r talking about. It's indeed frustrating but there is silver lining to this issue. U don't have to worry Like other parents who want to get rid of their child's junk food eating habit. LOok for innovative ways to make him look beyond these four options. give these options a try:1. Take him to market/vegetable vendor. Tell him to choose a veggie for himself. 2. Come back home. Do little research on it with yr child on net. show him the picture. tell it's name. Share it's nutritive value. how it can make him stronger . Build stories around it, how u as a child used to tell yr mom to cook it for u every other day. take his help in peeling it. Ask for the shape he would like it to be chopped in. So in the sense involve him in the process, from buying to cooking. When u bring it on dinner table, tell everyone how he brought it and helped in various stages of cooking it. Let him share the info he collected from Internet with everyone. Paste the pic in his scrapbook. When u taste it say " wow ! It's yummier than u tasted the same veggie last time "praise him for tasting. Motivate him and tell him he is becoming stronger like u. Celebrate the success of this attempt. search for innovative ways to use the same veggie in different dishes,using different methods of cooking. Next week explore other healthier option by using another innovative method. Hope this works out!

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| Sep 12, 2015

Thanks shikhaji for your valuable advise.

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