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Eating habits of my 6yrs old son

Matharasi Radhika
3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 16, 2015

Hi,everyone I have a son tanuj 6yrs old,studying in class1,his eating habits r vry good but every day he wants me to giv two omlettes in the lunch with chapattis nd a boiled egg with rice nd dal in his dinner,I'm confused that is it good to have 3 eggs daily. please can any one suggest me with this query.

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simran sharma

| Jul 16, 2015

Excess of anything is bad, Limit the number of eggs and replace it with vegetables.. You can add more amount of vegetables while making omlettes . He shouldnot have 3 eggs daily , make them either alternative days or reduce the number to 2 ,, also make changes in the diet of your kid , make sure he eats all types of food and not just eggs . :)

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