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Updated on Jun 11, 2016

Hi all, my son is 3. 2years old but won't chew food. Still he only eats semi solid crush food and he swallow it. Please suggest how to encourage him to chew. He won't show interest in food when we have our meals. I have to feed him.

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| Jun 11, 2016

Same for my daughter. she s also 3. 2 yrs and still she dont chew foods. But eats whatever I feed her. But dont like any foods on her own even if it s appetising. If your son s going to school then ask his caretaker to feed him whatever you give for snacks. on seeing other kids having their snacks he may have. We parents of her age took some veggies, rice, Dhal, juice, sprouts, fruits to school and ll make all the kids sit in a place n will make them eat on their own. on seeing other kids she stared eating all of them on her own. started chewing things.

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