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Updated on May 21, 2013

Hi! I have twin daughters aged 17 months plus. My problem is my younger daughter is eating very less these days. sometimes she eats only 4 spoon fulls and stops eating. her intake of fluids is good, but she does not eat dahi, buttermilk any fruit. I am worried as I have tried everything. She likes sheera, masala dalia, upma but it cant be given everyday as the child gets bored with the same foods. So she is very lean,is irritated. Otherwise she is very active. Please suggest what to do? My elder daughter eats everything so there are no issues, but I am concerned for the younger one. She also has acute constipation problem. Thanks

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| Jun 30, 2013

Hi Radhika... pls tell me about food for my 12months old son? From breakfast to dinner.

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| May 26, 2013

Thanks a lot Gaurima. I will try to do as suggested.

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| May 25, 2013

Dear Radhika .. What you are going through is being faced by lot of mothers these days. I too have faced the same problem with my child. When he was around the same age, He too was a very fussy eater and had very similar eating habits as that of your daughter. It was very tiring and stressful for me to feed him. However I tried a lot of things to sort this issue and will share what worked : 1) I avoided Biscuit, bread and other confectionery items 2) Consulted with a Ayurvedic as well as homeopathic physicians and gave prescribed formulations which were basically herbal liver tonics and appetite boosters 3) Started using Asafoetida(Hing) Carom Seeds(Ajwain)- I put a pinch of both fine hing powder and roasted ajwain powder in the dough that i use to make roti for him (It worked like miracle) 4) Used only home made desi ghee/butter on roti 5) used to put 1-2 drops of desi ghee in the milk that i gave him before sleeping 6)watched for the signals of hunger and tried a lot of exciting menu items 7) used lot of reinforcement... 8)lastly made food time a very exciting affair for both my kids by singing rhymes, reading stories, playing passing the parcel ...n what not .... huh thankfully somethings worked and my younger one unlearned the habits of avoiding food and holding stools. HOPE THAT HELPS :)

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| May 23, 2013

Thanks a lot Shanaya for your post. I am trying those recipes. I hope she eats them.

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| May 21, 2013

Hi Radhika, you may find some interesting options here -

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