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Eating schedule for 7 months LO

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Updated on Jun 01, 2015

My son is bout to hit his 7th months and as per 6th month routine ckup he weighs 9 Kg n is 77cm tall. He is on formula n bf both. I have been giving him 2 meals a day which is lunch (khichdi,semolina porridge,potato,fruits,soup etc) and in d evening either 3 scoup cerelac or parleG biscuit. He is taking 3 bottlefeed ~17-18 ounce n inbetween breastfed too. Need help to understand d schedule i should follow n the quantity.

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| Jun 01, 2015

Hi Lubna Naaz Your son's height and weight is good for his age. The eating schedule for child of this age is 3 semi-solids and 3-4 feeds of milk (breast milk and formula) in between. This comes to 6-7 feeds which can be given at the gap of 2hrs -21/2 hrs. You can start with milk in the morning, then give fruits like mashed banana or some fruit juice. For lunch & dinner you can give cereal based options like porridge( dalia,rice, suji, chirwa & try adding jaggery or cooked dates instead of sugar/ khichdi with vegetables you can use rice or dalia potato with other mashed vegeatbles like carrots , beans green leafy). mashed potato with semi-cooked egg yolk and vegetables. Remember all the food should be well cooked, well mashed/ pureed, and of the consistency ( starting with thin and gradually making it thicker) which the child can easily ingest.

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