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Updated on May 30, 2015

My baby is 2 and a half years ..she is excellent in everything but she is has one problem she is a very fussy eater. she does not like eating vegetables and fruits, bcoz of which she holds the food in her mouth for hours ...plz help

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| May 30, 2015

Hi Akshita Eating is always more fun when kids can associate food with their daily activities– a story, an animal or may be their favorite color or rhyme. Give funky names to food: ‘Darling can we have some Popeye chapatti’ (chapatti dough kneaded in spinach) instead of serving a normal chapatti ; a beet and veggie rice can be called fairy rice, for toddlers mash some dal with rice and veggies shape into tiny balls and serve as chotta bheem ke takatvar ladoo; mix yogurt with some fresh fruits, make some features and serve flavored yogurt. Funky cookie cutters or moulds are the simplest way to add that zing to your kids meals. I always try these out with my son and these small tricks always help.

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