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Updated on Mar 30, 2020

my baby girl is 8 months old now, she is very naughty. my question is usey khilana mey bahut pareshani hoti hai she didn't like sweet foods at all even she didn't take fruits. only she likes rice soup n dal nothing else. what can I do pls suggest. but yes she is very energetic n gud health. n also if I forcing anything to eat she vomit.

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| Mar 30, 2020

Hi Prity it is good to know that your baby is in good health and high spirits.. if she loves eating rice soup and dal you can add various veggies into it to make it more nutritious... you can make paste or puree of veggies and then add it to the daal or soup. You can make veg Biryani and give her eggs and fish ...if you are non vegetarian.. and milk in the form of various shakes and smoothies.. and please check out live chat with nutritionist at the website.. the link is as follows.

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