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Eczema remedy for 4 year old please?

Roopa N
3 to 7 years

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Updated on Dec 07, 2015

My son is suffering from eczema since 3 years. I did try all options like steriods (which prescived for restricted limited usage), coconut oil, aloe vera gel, vaseline expensive creams like cetaphil dam. Also went with ayurvedIc medicines for internal & external usage.. but did not help. Is there a solution for this please? Any doctors? Or may be homeopathy or anything at all which might help?

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| Dec 10, 2015

Hello Roopa, My daughter was going through this Eczema, My dermatologists simply advised to use the soap as mild as possible , And after bath I keep her moisturized with cetaphil lotion. She was getting cured . I don use anything that makes her skin dry . Also after bath I suggest do not completely wipe of the water and immediately apply this lotion. It helps .Also please note that this problem in children is quite common and it will be fine as they grow .

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