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Updated on Sep 21, 2016

he is very week in studies pls give me some good afvice

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| Sep 21, 2016

hi Pinky Pokharna! hope u r doing good! I understand your worries. it's advisable to work on his concepts . if u think basics are not clear, spend some time everyday working on those before u move ahead. for instance if he doesn't understand what addition means and how to add two numbers , there is no point moving on to carry forward sums. To clarify his doubts give him examples from day to day life which he can relate to and in the end allow him to ask u questions to clarify his doubts. for eg. If he collected 8 stamps from his father and 2 stamps from his mother .How many stamps does he have in all ? Similarly in other subjects try and work on his basics. Pinky u need to keep patience with him. avoid scolding him as he might stop asking questions for the fear of being rebuked. rather praise him for sharing his thoughts with u. make his schedule , divide half an hour for each subject. make him do revision by giving a small test in the beginning just to check whether he is thorough with his basics as well as previous chapters covered. Practice , patience and praise would be the mantra in this case. Pinky he might reach late but he will come around eventually. hope this helps

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