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Updated on May 08, 2017

my child is 20 months old.... how to engage her in home activities...

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| May 08, 2017

hi Bornika Pukan Nath! how r u! since your child is becoming more expressive , independent thinker, intellectually and physically more active , u need to plan activities which would help in honing her skills and enhance her overall development . some of the indoor activities would include: 1. u could give her blank sheets and cut outs of facial features such as nose, lips, eyes , teeth, ears etc.. she can paste these in the face drawn on the sheet. 2. hide and seek of toys wherein u take turns in hiding a toy and look for it. please ensure beforehand there are no sharp or pointed edges and u have done baby proofing so that child doesn't get hurt while playing it. 3. she can play simple puzzles .4. dressing up dolls . 5. Simon says: u need to give Instructions and child needs to follow it. Muhi, hop on one foot, or Muhi touch your nose. 6. finger dip painting 7. tracing of feet and palm . 8. simple paper folding crafts 9. catch the soft ball, which would enhance her gross motor skills 10. drawing anything that comes to he mind and them talking about it. all these simple activities would not only keep her occupied indoors but would also sharpen her skills. hope this will be of help to u!

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