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Created by Pinky
Updated on Oct 05, 2012

my daughter is 3 year old i want her addmition in co-ed school but i can't dicieded what i do plz give u r view

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| Oct 18, 2012

thanks nitin & payal

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| Oct 08, 2012

HI Pinky. If your problem is specifically deciding what school to put her in, then as Nitin suggested you could go down that path. However, if your problem is not being able to decide whether to put your daughter in a coeducation or girls school, no one but you can take that decision. There are schools of thought which say co ed is better for overall development of children and other schools of thought which say that single sex schools are better and help children concentrate more. Take into consideration what you or your husband, as parents want from the school your child will go to. If a school is providing good over all activities apart from curricular studies, helping children develop interest in music, arts, sports etc, there are good teachers, then nothing else should stop you from choosing that school. How children behave with members of the opposite sex is not just dependent on the school... if your child goes for activity classes, has a supportive family, and generally plays with everyone, she would get enough exposure anyway.

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| Oct 08, 2012

hi Pinky! starting point would be to shortlist some co-ed schools for your child, especially the ones keeping in mind your own priorities for your child. Once you have a shortlist, we could give you specific inputs on various schools.

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