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Updated on Jul 22, 2019

my 3. 6 year daughter nursery class she not interested in writing not holding pencil what can i do

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| Jul 22, 2019

hi Sabah ! use thick crayons, or chalk or white or black marker to be used on board.. u could also make her use of foggy mirror, or write in a plate of daal or rice. once her interest is developed ,u could gradually make use of fancy pencils such as long ones or ones with scented easer at back. praise her once she starts writing.

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| Jul 31, 2019

That's very normal at these age. Don't worry much. Bring some sand and make her write with her fingers , this may help her to get the alphabet and number to write. Secondly, don't force her to hold pencil or pen, they will do eventually. If she like drawing, then make some alphabet/number and ask her to draw. You can keep slate/ white board and try teaching her to recognize things, slowly seeing you doing it kid may also do.

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