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Updated on Jun 24, 2016

my child is seven year going to be 8 yrs nxt month.. he is ADAH.. but to less extent. he is good in studies but due to his naughtiness in school.. he is being scolded n teachers report us at times.. so he misses his due reward at the end of the class.. but in between he gets his class merit cards.. n he performs a bit in functions n sports ..but worried about his naughtiness.. pl help me out. .I talk to him not to do naughtiness in class.. but he does.....

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| Jun 24, 2016

Hi, I understand your concern but the solution to this is a lot of love and patience with him. Please refer to 1. 2. 3. These are my blogs, I have written them to help parents to give a happy life to their kids. Please do read them . I am sure you will find them very helpful.

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