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Updated on Jul 14, 2016

I want my son to improve his handwriting in English as well as in Hindi. plz give ideas

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| Nov 24, 2016

hi Jyoti Gehani! I believe by now your child must have begun with cursive writing. it's advisable to go back to basics and make him write one page of each letter everyday in cursive writing. say for instance he could write "a" in cursive writing on first day and gradually go on till "z" and then slowly move to joining of letter to make words . in a month's time he would unlearn old writing and would begin to learn the correct method. yes, it might sound little strange to go back to writing alphabets but Jyoti we need to do this so that he learns correct formations. also even at home while practicing he needs to write in 4 lines for English and 5 lines for hindi notebooks. once his formations are right then on his own he would learn how to join these and write words. make sure u too write neatly when u teach him. also u could teach him to underline headings and answers with colored pencils to have a better impact. u need have patience and praise him. make sure there is not too much pressure of time on him while he is writing . ensure his grasp is right while holding a pencil. avoid giving him a pen or sketch pen to write with. give smileys , stars and hugs to motivate him. constant reminders to write neatly should work. within 3 to 4 months u should notice a difference. hope this helps!

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