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Updated on Sep 05, 2016

my son is not interested in going school nd he dont like books and tution.. nt doing homework... pls hlp me

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| Sep 05, 2016

hi Kashish Ramchandani! hope u r doing fine! I assume your child's age to be 3 years+ . it's the time when child is learning to hold crayons or pencil correctly and learning to write alphabets, numbers etc. also it's the time to read picture books , placards with illustration,flash cards, etc. kashish it's advisable to use thick crayons, easel board , chalk board or let him write in sand or with dipping finger in paints. once he develops that affiliation say after 6months or so u could give him color pencils to write with. also u could make learning time fun time by narrating stories, enacting like different characters, making sounds of animals, etc. when u sit down for teaching tell yourself u will be tolerant towards him no matter how much he shows his dislike, with patience and lots of praise for him. kashish u have a big challenge ahead of u to make a playful, non book lover child into one who develops that bond with book that he can't imagine life without it. The more u will make it interesting the more would be his zeal to make book his best friends. believe u me this is the best time to introduce him to the world of books( of his level and interest). also u could be a role model and read books and make reading a bedtime story a ritual in your home. hope this helps!

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