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Updated on Apr 21, 2016

Hii my baby is now 10 month old what kind of game should I play with him .

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| Apr 21, 2016

Start showing flash cards

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| Apr 22, 2016

Priyanka, Try these activities : 1. for language development keep talking to your child about all the things you do when you are with the child. 2. Babies learn a lot by listening and seeing. So while talking point out on things and talk. While going to park or for a walk keep pointing at things you see and talk about them. 3. Use clear and correct words instead of baby talk so child would learn the correct word. 4. give your child some pots and pans and spoons that are safe to play with. they love tapping on the utensils. 5. you could put some beans inside a plastic container to use as a rattle. but ensure to seal it properly to avoid choking hazards. 6. play all type of music for him to enjoy. 7. give him a basket and some colorful balls so you child could put them inside the basket and take them out. encourage your child to move (crawling or rolling) by using a moving toy. 8. give him different textures to touch and explore such as satin cloth, woolen sock, wooden toy, artificial fur, smooth glass surface, rough paper, leather purse. there are colorful books available with different textures to explore. 9. play peekaboo with your child. or hide his favorite toy under a blanket and let him find it out. 10. hide a stuffed toy with half of the toy seen and the rest hidden. see if your child finds out the toy by correlating the part of the toy or the color of the toy. 11. line up 3 paper cups and keep an object such as a ball or a building block under one of the paper cups. now slowly move around this cup with the object and change the order in the line. see if your child is able to track the cup with the object. 12. use toys such as stacking cups, shape sorter, a toy that makes noise or music or a toy with cause and effect i. e button to press, string to pull, lever to turn, wheel or screw to rotate etc to explore. 13. read a lot or talk about the pictures in books regularly.

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| Jan 22, 2019

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