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Created by Snigdha Bakhshi
Updated on Apr 21, 2016

My child unable to learn and remember rhymes. He forgets the rhymes easily. Also he unable to listen words of rhymes properly. What should I do. He is 7+years old.

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| Apr 22, 2016

Snigdgha in that case repetition is the key to your problem. Repeat for 2 or 3 weeks everyday depending on child's grasping power. keep the same actions and same tune every time in order to avoid any confusion. If it still doesn't work add a prop or dress up the child in a costume or make some associations with things he already knows. The more the fun element the earlier it gets retained and for longer duration. Also the more the praise, the better the motivation to learn and do well. Hope this works!

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| Apr 22, 2016

Hello Shikha.... I am good... how r you?... I used to do the same as suggested by you ..but still not getting positive results... Don't know what to do... However, thanks for your prompt reply...

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| Apr 21, 2016

Hi Snigdha! How r u? Children find it difficult to mug up things without understanding. To begin with read the rhyme once for the child. Then talk about it and explain the meaning. Followed by singing it and also doing actions along with it. Try singing along with the child with actions. Make it a fun activity. The more u would associate it with fun, music and actions the more fun it would be. Also if u have a mike take turns in reciting it. Most impirtantly Dont forget to praise the child with a huge round of applause and a big hug. Hope it helps!

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